World Meeting of Families – Milan 2012

World Meeting of Families – Milan 2012



On behalf of the Bishops Commission for Pastoral Life, we attach the first of a discussion series on the family.
The theme, ‘Family, Work and Celebration’, is very relevant to modern family life. It enables members of Australian families to participate in the theme of the coming World Meeting of Families (Milan, May 30-June 3), in solidarity with families around the world.

There are 10 sessions. The notes are detailed but easily adapted for personal use or in group discussion. They can be shortened or the sessions combined according to personal circumstances. They could be incorporated into Lenten discussions.
The entire series [57 pages] can be obtained in advance on the link at the right. We have also posted e
ach session as individual files; these are listed together with the suggested date for that session. In addition, we will send this email every two weeks up to the World Meeting of Families in May.

WMF2012 Catechesis

Catechesis Files

Full document (all 10 Sessions)

Mar 4: 1. Nazareth’s Secret
Mar 11: 2. Family generates life
Mar 18: 3. Family is put to the test
Mar 25: 4. Family animates society
Apr 15: 5. Work, Celebration, Family
Apr 22: 6. Work, Resource, Family
Apr 29: 7. Work, Challenge, Family
May 6: 8. Celebration, Family
May 13: 9. Celebration, Lord
May 20: 10. Celebration, Community


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