Fatherhood Kit


There has been a trend towards increasing news stories about fathers in recent years.

There continue to be reports of prominent public figures who resign their positions to allow more time for their children. There have also been tragic stories about the problems that families face when fathers are absent or unable to meet their responsibilities or have given up hope.

Our faith gives us new hope and ‘new eyes’ to see Christ present in the ordinary events of daily life. It is often in the ‘ordinary’ things that we discover the sacred and the profound.

It is with such ‘new eyes’ that we appreciate the contributions that the father makes to family life. He is more than just ‘another parent’. Through his male presence and his relationship with the mother, he complements her unique parental role in a special way.

Recent sociological studies confirm that at every stage of child development, the father has a specific role to play. It is important that this role is appropriately developed and supported.


Celebrating Fatherhood -Resource for Parishes

Celebrating Fatherhood – Resource for Schools

Gift of Fathers – Handout

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