Passing on the Faith 2019

Guess who’s watching you now?

It is worth remembering that our faith and our core values are passed on primarily in the home. TV advertisements for responsible drinking often end up with the reminder ‘Your children are watching you’. And if a child’s behaviour at school is particularly difficult, who does the school call in to enlist help? The parents, of course. Most parents are not trained teachers but, for better or for worse, they are the prime nurturers of faith in their children.

So is it time for some ‘In-service training’?

A major way in which we nurture our children’s faith is by letting them see how ours is lived out in daily life. So it’s always good to reflect on where we can brush up our own faith life and make it more relevant and attractive to our children. This leaflet presents a collection of ideas that different families found worked for them.

Passing on the Faith 2019 – Brochure (PDF)

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