Getting Married FAQs

Got questions about getting married
in the Catholic Church?

Find your answers here! Questions range across inter-religious and inter-denominational marriages; they cover diverse delicate issues relating to personal circumstances (non-church going or ‘lapsed’ Catholics, people who have had abortions, vasectomies or tubal ligations etc); as well as addressing practical issues relating to preparing for the wedding ceremony.

• Why should we bother with a Catholic wedding?
• What are the requirements for marriage in the Catholic Church?
• Will the Church let us have a Catholic wedding?
• What are the requirements re marriage celebrants?
• What are the promises and commitments in the wedding ceremony and what do they mean?
• What are the requirements relating to marriage education?
• How should we prepare for the Nuptial Mass and wedding ceremony?
• What is the structure of the wedding ceremony (Catholic rite of marriage)?

This document is an authoritative source of Catholic teaching. It is a valuable resource both for couples contemplating marriage, for Catholic parents wishing to advise their children, and parish leaders seeking clarification on the teachings regarding weddings and marriage.

Download now: Getting Married

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  1. Walter omosa says:

    I really like the page, besides I have been wishing to do the garden wedding but am so proud of this site for it has taught me a number of things about getting married inside the church

  2. John says:

    Great information about initial steps to getting married, which is what I was really after. However it doesn’t exactly mention as to where can we get these various forms e.g. Pre-Nuptial Inquiry form

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