Marriage Educator Conference

Becoming One – Marriage in an “i” Society

CSME National Conference 2013

Melbourne |  Friday 4th October

The theme for the conference will address the “i’s” of internet and technology as well as individualism. It will address how those working with couples can recognise problem signs and assist those we work with to overcome them. The day also represents a unique opportunity to meet and share ideas with people from around the country who want to help strengthen marriages as you do.

The conference plans to explore how married couples take on the challenge of becoming one in a society that is increasingly self-focused, as well as exploring the pressures an increasingly technological world presents to married couples. The technological age presents challenges and opportunities for couples across Australia and marriage educators need to address these issues.

Speakers at the conference will include Bishop Eugene Hurley (Chair of the Bishops Commission for Pastoral Life), well known Clinical Psychologist Jo Lamble as well as Derek and Karen Boylen (National co-ordinators for Ministry to the Newly Married).


Download the Conference Flyer  Becoming One Conference 2013

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