World Meeting of Families 2018

Dublin, Ireland

The Gospel of the Family – Joy for the World

Information links :

  1. Facebook Page
    Receive daily updates and a #Family Thought for the Day
  1. Subscription to WMF newsletter
  2. Catechesis website for Parish resources:
  3. Catechesis website for School resources:
    (2018 Called to be a family of families – one year resource)
  1. WMOF2018 Let’s Talk Family weekly podcast –

For the Parish Bulletin or School Newsletter (all available from WMF Facebook page)

  1. Short description of WMF (click here)
  2. Weekly Parish Bulletin or School Newsletter message (click here)
  3. Prayer for the WMF 2018 (click here)

For the Parish/School Community

  1. Official promo video for WMF2018.
    Play at all Masses over one weekend.  If a parish has a family that has been on a previous WMF they could organise to stay and talk to interested families after Mass. Video could also be played at School Parent information nights.
  2. Six-week catechesis.
    Easily downloaded from the website and could be run by a couple that is enthusiastic for marriage and family.  Could a) help prepare attendees for WMF and b) engage the rest of the parish in the formation process of WMF.
  3. Music
    Encourage parish and school musicians to lead the Official Hymn of WMF2018, A Joy for all the Earth, – free Mp3 and music score available on
  4. Other electronic resources
    Promotional animations and short video sessions on different topics will also be available.

Click here to view or download brochure 

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