Mothers Prayer

Mothers Prayers are powerful!

‘Mothers Payers’  is a simple international program that began in the UK in 1995 and has spread around the world. It has a simple format of structured prayer and opportunity for spontaneous prayer. It builds solidarity between mothers, provides powerful prayer support for children, builds parish community and can be a source of renewal and evangelization. It is designed for use in the home but it is very flexible.


Contact: Anne Hartwell

United in Prayer we save our Children

Mothers Prayers was founded in England in 1995.  There are now groups spread throughout the world.   Mothers, grandmothers and spiritual mothers come together to pray for their own children and all children.  The spirituality of Mothers Prayers is surrender:  we give our hopes and joys to the Lord and trust in His love and care.

Mothers Prayers meets mothers at their point of need.

Coming together to pray in this gentle and special way the mothers discover new friendships in one another and their burdens are lightened as they unite their prayers with mothers all over the world.  A prayer group may be started by just two mothers.  Members meet each week and obey the strict rule of confidentiality so that a mother may share her worries without fear of being given advice or anything being repeated outside of the meeting.

Mothers have told us of the blessings they have received as they share in prayer with other mothers in a Christian confidential way.  We have seen many prayers answered:  loved ones healed from aggressive cancer, family’s restored, relationships healed, children’s faith deepened and God caring for our needs in a most intimate and loving way.

We acknowledge that our prayers are always answered – although not always in the way we expected, but always for the best. God has a plan and a purpose for our children and we need to pray that nothing comes against His plan for them. We pray that His Holy Will be accomplished in their lives.  Through our commitment to pray for our children, the Lord takes us and deepens our love for Him, He helps us to trust and surrender all into His care.

You will find:

  • Support in sorrow
  • Open in heart and home
  • Loving acceptance
  • Arms to hold and comfort
  • Consolation in distress
  • Enduring community of friendship


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