St Valentine’s Day Kit 2010


Few would question the gift that a loving, stable marriage brings to the family and wider community. Indeed, research findings confirm that marriage provides benefits to both the couple and their children. And yet, loving, stable marriages don’t attract a lot of attention from church and community organisations until they become unstable. It is thus vitally important that we make frequent use of opportunities to affirm marriage and highlight the value of a loving marriage to the community.

In recent years, St Valentine’s Day has become increasingly secularised. ‘Saint’ has been dropped from the title and the emphasis has shifted from romantic love in the context of life-long marriage, to romantic relationships of any persuasion. This parish initiative is a bold attempt to reclaim the sacred from the secular and use the innate joyfulness of the feast to promote and affirm marriage and life-long romantic love.

I invite you to use the resources enclosed to focus parish attention on the role of marriage and St Valentine.


Celebrating St Valentine 2010 – Liturgy Notes

Be My Valen-time 2010 – Handout

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