Month of Prayer and Fasting 2017

October 2017

Scripture and the Church’s history give us many examples of the miraculous impact when a whole community undertakes prayer and fasting together.

Join us for a month of prayer and fasting to be held in parishes, schools and homes across the nation during the month of October 2017 because all families need our prayers and need God’s Grace.

We pray for our nation’s understanding of the importance of marriage: that we will act to protect God’s plan for marriage and family life.  We also pray for the well-being of marriages and families, and in a particular way for people who are same-sex attracted or gender questioning.

The Parish & School Resource includes:

  • Video
  • Bulletin Clips for each Sunday
  • Prayers of the Faithful for each Sunday
  • Poster
  • Prayer Card printable

Video link:

2017 MOPF Posters for printing (PDF)

2017 MOPF Prayers for printing (PDF)

Click on the Posters below to download for online sharing (jpg)
(eg Websites, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, for projecting at Mass):

Posters for online sharing










Prayers for online sharing


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