Divorce and the Catholic Church FAQs

This document is a companion to Marriage in the Catholic Church: Frequently Asked Questions published in 2006 by the Bishops Committee for the Family and for Life of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. In that document we described marriage as a God-given vocation by which a man and a woman give themselves to each other in a life-long partnership. It is an opportunity to experience a love that leads to a deeply fulfilling way of life. Marriage expresses a love that mirrors the love of God and is a path to holiness, to being saints. It is a sign and source of hope and support for others and is celebrated by the Church as a sacrament.

Because it responds to the deepest human aspirations, it follows that breakdown of marriage has a profound potential for hurt and disillusionment. Hardly any family in modern society would not be deeply touched by the pain of members or relatives experiencing marital breakdown.

Divorce and the Catholic Church FAQs

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